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WELCOME AUGUST! Mid-Late Summer events in Todi and Umbria


Todi Festival - 31st edition from August 26 to September 3, 2017

The most cultural and fancy event in town. Drama, Music, Concerts with international and national guest stars like the famous cantautore singer/writer Roberto Vecchioni or the art critic Vittorio Sgarbi with his show on Michelangelo.
Special happening this year: "Giardini Segreti" some private gardens located in one of the most beautiful areas of the old town, Valle Bassa, will be opened to host concerts accompanied by a glass of wine.

Festa di Santa Maria della Consolazione September 8, 2017

Religious and traditional festa in honor of Virgin Mary at the Church dedicated to Her: the Renaissance temple of Santa Maria della Consolazione, one of the masterpieces of Umbrian and Italian art.
Religious ceremonies, local market in front of the church and fireworks at 8.45PM.


Sagra della Lumaca - Snail food fest August 18-27, 2017

Event dedicated to the tasty and succulent snails of Cantalupo, little village close the the stunning Medieval town of Bevagna with ancient recipes typical of the rural tradition. The unique menu attracts hundreds of food lovers every year. 

Sagra della Cipolla di Cannara - Onion Fest 37th Edition
Aug 30 - Sept 3 and Sept. 5-10, 2017
The special soil of the Umbrian valley, the ancient knowledge of cipollari, onion farmers, make the village of Cannara the most important place in Umbria for the cultivation of this vegetable.
To celebrate their special cipolla, onion, Cannara organizes every year this mouth watering food festival. The six local tavernas along the little alleys and in the cozy piazzas offer every evening an entire menu based on onions, from the starters to the sweets.

Primi d'Italia - September 28 - October 1, 2017

The first and unique festival in Italy to celebrate the first courses.
Pasta, the queen of the Italian tables, but also rice, soups, gnocchi, polenta together with top level food and ingredients from all over the Country are the protagonists of this long culinary marathon in the historic centre of Foligno.
Four days of tastings, cooking shows, meet up-s with famous Chefs to promote the Italian culture of "primo piatto".


NEWS FROM THE VINEYARDS - first impressions on Vintage 2017 [to be]

Summer 2017 is very hot in Italy. It is a standard very dry and warm Mediterranean Summer, nothing new, except for the fact that we had also a very unusual dry Spring.
In general from January to March it is quite rainy and the quantity of rain is enough to face even the worst dry Summer.
This year, the days of rain were quite few and many areas in the Country are suffering for the drought.

What's happening to the Umbrian vines?
Many dry Summers have made great wines in the past. As an ancient sentence says "the vine needs to suffer", meaning that to produce an outstanding wine, the plant should be "stressed" in a certain way.
However, the "stress" should be always sustainable, otherwise, as for all the other living beings, it can be too much.

At the moment our friends at our partnered wineries say that the harvest will be moved earlier [generally beginning of September] and it won't be probably as abundant as in the other years, but they are all quite sure that the quality could be good, even if it is too early to draw the sums, now.
Meanwhile, the winemakers are keeping their hard work, observing and studying what's going on every day in their vineyards, paying attention to each little detail to make sure that we all can fill - again and again - our glasses with the "nectar of the gods 2017", made in Umbria, of course!


More information on the events listed:  

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