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#Terrediconfine [borderlands]: Orvieto and Todi

Terre di Confine, borderlands could be an unusual word to define the towns of Orvieto and Todi.

Orvieto and Todi are in Umbria. They are part of the same region, they share the same culture and heritage regarding art and history together with an ancient food tradition and outstanding wine production.

Going back in time there are many affinities, they both are hill-top towns, both surrounded by a high circle of walls, food is also quite similar, wine great as well, and the monuments: stunning.

Duomo di Orvieto shines at sunset
If we pay more attention to the details, we immediately notice that there are many differences, Orvieto stays on a impressive rock of tufo a volcanic brown rock, Todi on a gentle rolling hill mostly made of clay.
Orvieto has its incredible Duomo, one of the masterpieces of Italian art. In Todi there is the Temple of Consolazione, a unique "greek-cross" church with its spectacular domes.
Orvietan traditional pasta is umbrichelli, a sort of thick spaghetti made of flour and water, in Todi there are tagliatelle, flat pasta made also by eggs. Although in both the towns bread is without salt, Orvieto has a speciality: Lumachella, a snail-shape rich bread, while Todi has Pane Nociato, with noci, walnuts.
Santa Maria della Consolazione in Spring - Todi
Orvieto and Todi are both D.O.C wine area, both famous for their white wines: Orvieto with its Orvieto Classico, a blend of different local grapes, while Todi for Grechetto, a single variety wine...

In the next weeks thanks to the new Cultural Association "Brumalia" in which we are directly and strictly involved, both in Orvieto and Todi there will be a series of activities and events focused on this topic: Terre di Confine, borderlands.

In the meantime we have just launched the hashtag #terrediconfine on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook where everyone is invited  - and very welcome - to post and share in Italian or in English your passion "from A to Z" for one of the two towns or..even better, for both!

Thank you! Grazie!

Associazione Culturale "Brumalia"

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