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Umbria on my mind shots from 2013

Best shot on "Il Giornale dell'Umbria"

It's a couple of years that we've been completely hooked by Instagram...
Also in 2013 we have choosen 15 pictures among 404 new shots - taken only by iPad3 - that we have been collecting on Instagram since last January.
Like last year  the 15 pictures are the ones that received more "like-s" both on our Instagram and Facebook profile and re-tweeted through our Twitter account...while this one below, taken at Piano di Castelluccio, during one of our excursions, was the picture selected by the local newspaper Il Giornale dell'Umbria for its challenge #youmbria, among the best ones in September.

Thanks again for following our blog and our social media and....

here our way to wish you 

Sala dei Notari - Perugia
Going underground at Narni Sotterranea - Narni
Pic-nic in Piazza at Montecastello di Vibio during #IntimaUmbria

Local cooks at work in Parrano

Breathtaking Spring view of Assisi and the vines
Poppies and Todi
In a private villa in Todi
Orvieto adorned for Corpus Domini
Night in Perugia during Umbria Jazz
View from the Bishop's Palace - Todi
Travellers enjoying sunflowers
Sunny Montefalco
Autumn is coming
Amazing December light, no filter
Christmas decoration in a foggy day in Todi

Please feel free to share our pictures! We're really happy if you help us to promote our wonderful Umbria!


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