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I Live [and Love] Umbria

Some weeks ago, we had the pleasure to meet a very nice and super "geek-girls" trio, who shares - like us - the love for Umbria.
We're very happy to host on our blog their story and their innovative project called "I LIVE UMBRIA".

"Barcelona, Spring 2011. Chiara, Francesca and Loretta, three Italian girls, joined together. They shared the same idea: in difficult times, strong and innovative projects can really make the difference. 
Following their philosophy the 'geek team' started planning their project of Augmented Reality, a 2.0 technology to apply to the world of tourism, and, in particular, to the promotion of Umbria. 

The ide becomes a reality on the 9th October 2012 with the launch of the website, the first portal devoted to the promotion, increasing the desirability, of Umbrian territory.
The information website is, infact, a database of news on the region which is both static and dynamic. It includes the section, “I Live”, that is a social network for those who love Umbria. Once registered, users can join the community of people who share the same passion for Umbria, creating contacts, making new friends and posting information, photos and videos.
The community also has a special T-Shirt, designed by a renowned Catalan illustrator, in Augmented Reality that is the true identifying element that allows to enter "into" the network: the user, pointing his/her smartphone, tablet, or PC webcam on the T-shirt, can watch on a 'screen' videos and animations. Definitely a very special and innovative way of communication.
The videos,  regularly updated, are all related to Umbria to guarantee that new experiences and emotions are constantly lived. 

The geek team with the charming Umbrian actress Laura Chiatti 
showing the T-Shirt in Augmented Reality

In this period, the I Live Umbria team is fully devoted to a promo-campaign on internet and above all, on social media across the world and in particular in Northern Europe, USA, and the emerging economies, such as China and Brazil, following their aim of building a community of people who have Umbria in their hearts, becoming Ambassadors, through this very innovative digital tool, of this very special region".

For more information on I Live Umbria project


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