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Umbria on my shots from 2012

Happy to be one of the three winners in the
"Photo Challenge on the Colours of Sagrantino vines in Fall"
2012 has almost gone and we are happy to say goodbye to this year with some of our best shots we took driving around in our area.

We have choosen 15 pictures among 412 shots - taken only by iPad3 - that we have been collecting on our Instagram profile since last March.

We are sure that the following photo album simply shows that Umbria can be visited at all times of the year, observing these wonderful landscapes where the colours and perfumes change in accordance with the cycle of the seasons: from the green of Spring, to the yellow of the grains in Summer, to the thousand colours of the leaves in Autumn, to the rarefied and magical atmosphere of Winter....

The 15 pictures are the ones that received more "like-s" both on our Instagram and Facebook profile and re-tweeted through our Twitter account...while this one above is the pic that has recently won (together with other two from other users, my friend and famous Italian top blogger @fraintesa and @federicodottorini  ) the "Photo Challenge on the Colours of Sagrantino vines in Fall" can imagine how happy we are!

Now we have just another excuse to drink one of our favourite wine of Umbria! Do we need to ask more ? ;)

Thanks again for following us here and on our social media and....


Stunning view on the countryside from the hill of Todi

Walking in the ancient District of Borgo in Todi
Walking to Todi from home
The two sacred plants are blooming: vines and olive trees
Poppies from the back of our van on the road to Massa Martana
The tufa rock of Orvieto from Ripa Serancia side
"Infiorata" in Cannara for Corpus Domini
Harvest time in Todi
Bevagna under a burning Umbrian sun
Perugia - Corso Vannucci during Umbria Jazz
On the wine trail from Todi to Montefalco
Vines changing colours in Todi wine area
Romantic vineyards and Lake Corbara 
between Todi and Orvieto
Frozen fields: Winter has come from my window
Christmas time in Perugia

Please feel free to share our pictures! We're really happy if you help us to promote our little, cozy, wonderful and stunning Umbria!

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2 Commenti:

Blogger avceramics ha detto...

hi alessandra,francesco & leonardo,

beautiful pictures!,thanxx guys,
we'll be back for more todi, umbria & sagrantino some day..

keep up la dolce vita italiana
best wishes for 2013!

xx, lies & peter
(from a grey and dreadful holland..)

30 dicembre 2012 10:54  
Blogger discoveringumbria ha detto...

Grazie mille! Tanti auguri a Voi! xxx

30 dicembre 2012 12:32  

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