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Summer 2012 events and food festivals

Summer has finally arrived in these days in Umbria and it's time to plan your schedule!
The season is so rich in events that it is really quite difficult to make a list of the "must do's"...

However a list of events we are happy to suggest (but....for the moment!):

TODI TANGO FESTIVAL: if you are in the area today and tomorrow July 1 we're waiting for you in our beautiful town Todi.

SPOLETO FESTIVAL DEI DUEMONDI: from the 29th June to the 15th July, the festival for Classical Music lovers

TRASIMENO MUSIC FESTIVAL directed by the Canadian pianist Angela Hewitt has its location also in the mysterious Castello di Magione, close to Trasimeno lake

UMBRIA JAZZ 2012 one of the most important events in the region runs this year from the 6th to the 15 July in Perugia

INTERNATIONAL HOT AIR BALLOON GRAND PRIX from the 8th to the 22nd July, dozens of coloured hot air ballons will fly again in our sky in Todi with their happy crews from all over the world.
On July 12, starting from 9.00pm hot air balloons night show in front of the churches of Santa Maria della Consolazione, San Fortunato and Piazza del Popolo.

ROCKIN'UMBRIA 2012 this year the festival hosts one of the queen of rock: Patti Smith!
From the 23rd to the 28th July in Perugia and Umbertide

FESTIVAL FEDERICO CESI Classical Music from the 19th August to the 2nd September in Acquasparta, Todi, Massa Martana, San Gemini, Terni and Bevagna.

UMBRIA FOLK FESTIVAL concerts, events, food&wine in beautiful Orvieto from the 21st to the 26th August

Food, food, food!

Summer is also the season of amazing food events and festivals, the so-called "sagra" organized in many Umbrian small towns and villages.

Here our favourite food events:

WINERIES AND RESTAURANTS IN THE LIMELIGHT (Cantine e Chef alla Ribalta)  a series of  special “educational” dinners to promote Umbrian wineries and local chefs, organized by our friends from Itinera, il Palazzo del Gusto and in collaboration with our delegation of Sommeliers FISAR.
In Orvieto from the 13th August to the 9th September

PORTO SAGRA DEL PESCE lake fish festival organized by the warm-hearted citizens of the small village  of Porto, close to Trasimeno lake, this year from the 8th to the 15th August.

In 2010 I wrote a post on my first experience, experience that I'm happy to repeat each year, of course! 
See my blog post :Sagra del Pesce at Trasimeno Lake – a wonderful Mid-Summer "eating" night

My friend Anna and I at the Sagra in Porto in 2010

...and that's not all! Many other events are coming and we are happy to update your busy Umbrian Summer schedule! Stay tuned!

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