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Todi - Bellezza Antiqua e Nova guide book: a love story

More than one year has passed since I received a phone call from Luciano Vanni telling me that there could be an opportunity to produce a guide-book on Todi, my home-town.

Luciano Vanni is the mind and the heart of Il Turismo Culturale, an amazing Italian magazine on cultural destinations in Italy and abroad.

I've fallen in love with Luciano's works since the very first time I stumbled on a copy of the magazine during a fair in Milan. I think it was late 2007..
The subtitle of Il Turismo Culturale is "travelling broadens the mind" a sentence that not only is linked to the principles of slow travelling, but also to the guidelines of the so-called responsible tourism.

Il Turismo Culturale has already produced other four guide-books on very special and "off the beaten path" towns and destinations like: Amelia and Terni in Umbria, Carloforte, a small island close to Sardinia and Otranto, a town in Apulia.

The long "creation" of this work - in which I've had the honour to be involved since the very beginning - has taken more than one year, a sort of love-story with the typical "ups and downs"...

But. Above all, having the opportunity to meet and to offer some support to the staff @Il Turismo Culturale has been one of my best professional and enriching experience I've ever done.
Updating on the progresses during long phone calls with Arianna Guerin, walking with Elena Chiocchia in the narrow streets of Todi to take the pictures of the secret beauties of the town or having the chance to meet the food&wine journalist Massimo Roscia and talking on our rich culinary tradition has been an experience that has no price.

Grazie Luciano and all the people @Il Turismo Culturale for your efforts, passion&love for Todi! Grazie, davvero.

Video-intro by "Il Turismo Culturale" available also by QR Code technology

The guide-book "Todi - Bellezza Antiqua e Nova" will be officially released on the 2nd September 2011 and it will be also available through us.


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