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Umbria on the blog: 3 days of wine, food&warm hospitality

It's not easy at's not easy writing a post on my experience @Umbria on the blog I took part last weekend....

Ok. But. What's... Umbria on the Blog?
Umbria on the blog is a new and exciting project whose aim is the promotion of Umbria as a beautiful territory where it is still possible living authentic experiences in contact with the locals.
The project is very innovative as the people involved in this promo are not journalists or tour operators, but bloggers, a very important category of post-modern travel writers whose weapons are not only the blog itself, but also hi-tech tools like Smart-phones, I-phones, I-Pads, Pc or Mac and extremely sophisticated photo cameras. Umbria on the blog has been organized as an "educational tour" in some beautiful areas of the region: Assisi, Perugia, Gubbio, Montefalco and Collazzone, a nice village between Perugia and Todi.

I also had the honour to share this unforgettable three days of wine, food and warm hospitality, thanks to this blog that I've been running since 2007, when my webmaster suggested me to start a blog just to make my website more interesting for the visitors.
This activity -that at the beginning was just one of the several things that an owner of a small family-run travel company has to do every day, step-by-step has involved me so much that writing a post on Umbria and sharing with my possible readers my deep love for my home-land is now not a mere necessity, but a real pleasure.

Many of the places -we went to in these 3 days with my new collegues- have been already visited and discussed several times in this blog - even if in Umbria every place is able to whisper me a different story every time I visit it - but sharing a weekend with this group of belle persone and experiencing their enthousiasm in travelling&living Umbria&Umbrians has no price.

Therefore I take once again the occasion to thank my fantastic travel-mates: staying with all of you was a very enriching experience for my professional and -above all- private life: Federica , Elena, Federica , Mirella, Francesca, Francesca, Michela, Gabriele e Federica, Rebecca, Jennifer, Fabiola, Sabrina.

Kudos to Alessio and Luca, the minds and the hearts of the project, the talented photographers Marzia and Mario, Andrea for the breathtaking sunsets over Perugia and Assisi,Silvana and her family in Collepepe for the unforgettable dinner, Giuliano for the incredible tour in Gubbio and Maria Carmela for the unbelievable elegant simplicity of luxury, Cristina for showing us the ancients crafts in Bevagna, Marco and Salvatore in Wine&Food and to all the fantastic and generous people involved in this project.

Umbria on the blog is reaching thousands of contacts in these days, a great opportunity for an un-discovered destination as Umbria still is, a great way to promote effeciently a territory through the best tool offered by our modern society: the web... 2.0 of course!



Umbria on the Blog! We're leaving, follow us!

I'm leaving again for a tour in Umbria, but this time it's different.

Tomorrow together with Federica ,Elena,Federica ,Mirella ,Francesca,Francesca,Michela,Gabriele,Rebecca,Jennifer,Fabiola, Alessio,Marzia I am ready to visit my home-region with a very different point of view: the point of view of a travel blogger ready to discover a Land that, even for a local like me, is able to amaze me every time, again and again, for her beauty, art treasures, gorgeous landscapes&romantic sunsets, great wines&food and... above all her generous and warm-hearted people...

Stay tuned on this blog to follow my photo-reports of this unforgettable weekend!

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Video by Umbria on the Blog



Fiera Verde Marsciano (Perugia) : photoreportage

After a long long long and boring boring boring Winter, Spring has finally arrived in Umbria!!
Spring brings here not only nice weather, flowers and the first gelati, but also a huge number of festivals.

Today, thanks to the amazing sunny day, we decided to go to Marsciano, a small town 20 km from Todi, for "Fiera Verde - Tradizioni e Sapori - Mostra del Biologico", a "green" festival for the promotion of traditions, flavours and organic food.

The location itself is "green" as the fair has been hosted inside and outside a former tabacchificio (=tobacco factory), a very good example of "recycling" an old factory into a new exhibition area.

The fair was really very nice and interesting with a lot of booths of organic food, gardening and hand-made products from Umbria and Italy.


Alpaca sweaters from Umbertide (Perugia)

Hand-made knives from Marsciano

and..... food, food, food !!!!

Two very nice girls selling organic home-made yeast to make bread and Easter cakes

Following the suggestion of a cute maialino (=piglet) who whispered to my suffering liver "magna che te frega" (=eat, don't care about it), I decided to buy a cartoccio of fritto misto (=mixed fried vegs wrapped in paper), but just because the vendor assured me that all the fritto was organic!

... still not convinced on giving organic - please notice the word organic - fried vegs to my liver.....

But the real reason that pushed me to go to Fiera Verde today was the Degustazione di Mieli (=honeys tasting)!!
Having tasted, even in a professional manner, a lot of EVO Oils, Wines and Cheeses, I couldn't miss a detailed guided honey tasting of organic -of course- honeys from Umbria and Italy.
I discover that - as we normally do at the wine school for Sommeliers - even the honey is tasted and classified for its colour, smell and taste.
We tasted 4 kinds of honeys. Through the pics that follow you can see the different colours...I am very sorry for the smell and the taste, as I still could not find an app for this......damn!!!!

Miele di Acacia: very light yellow and very delicate

Miele di Arancio: straw yellow with orange scents

Miele Millefiori: amber yellow with flowers scents

Miele di Castagno: dark yellow with a bitter aftertaste


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