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A Night of Discovery in Assisi

The first time I was introduced to Helen and Jack Yuen, two Americans living in Assisi with their beautiful children, I was really curious about their occupation here in Umbria.

For us Umbrians, it's always very interesting to know why a foreigner decides to leave everything and to build a new life here.
Most of the "forestieri" (= people from abroad) I had the chance to meet, run a business connected to the tourism industry or own an house where they spend some time in Summer.

For this reason when I came to know Helen and Jack's project I was really impressed, not only because it is very special, but also because it put in my mind an amazing travel to the Museum of Sciences and Technologies in Munich (Germany) with my family when I was 12 and my brother Leonardo 6.

The Yuens' project is called Discovery Station Assisi.
DSA is a no-profit Children’s Center providing exposure to new technologies including robotics, communications, digital imaging, computers, internet, along with interactive learning activities accessible to all.

For a small region like Umbria is, a center like this one, a sort of Deutches Museum in a small, but very professional scale, is definitely a very important resource for our community.

Yesterday evening at Istituto Marco Polo in Santa Maria degli Angeli, Assisi, the project has been officially launched. Some important sponsors, like Microsoft, have already joined DSA that will be operative in the first months of 2011.

For more info contact: Helen Yuen :

Me and Helen Yuen yesterday at Istituto Marco Polo, Assisi


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