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A "cozy" Umbrian Christmas Market - Massa Martana

During this very special period of the year there are many nice events and markets all over the region.

Today we went to Massa Martana to visit its new and really "cozy" Christmas Market.

Massa Martana is a small Municipality on the road between Todi and Terni located at the foot of Martani Mountains.
Its name derives from the Latin name of "Statio ad Martis" – from which "Vicus Martis" and "Civitas Martana" - designated one of the main Roman stations on the Umbrian tract of Via Flaminia.

Massa Martana - Main Gate

Seriously damaged by an earthquake in 1997, more than ten years later Massa Martana closed this dramatic chapter by recovering anything that was useful to restore dignity to this ancient village.

Special local Christmas sweet "La Nociata"

Massa Martana is also known by the local people for its Christmas speciality : "La Nociata" a kind of nougat made from walnuts, honey, egg white and orange peel, wrapped in laurel leaves. It is produced only in this village.

La Nociata - original food product from Massa Martana

If you are in the area in this period, don't miss this very nice little town.
The Market runs until the 12th of December

Visiting the Market

Preparing the "barbeque" to roast chestnuts for the visitors!


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