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Our WTM Responsible Tourism Day 10/11/ 2010

Yesterday 10th November 2010 many people celebrated WTM Responsible Tourism Day all over the World.

Being engaged in Responsible Tourism, this year we got officially involved with WTM World Responsible Tourism Day.

To mark the day we organized a very informal meeting at our office in Todi, followed by a “responsible merenda” at a family-run farm to share with friends and people involved in the business also “food for thought” around : “Developing Responsible Tourism in Umbria. Is it so easy??”.

The discussion on the way we travel, on the impact we have on cultures and environment when we travel and the ideas we shared on Responsible Tourism were really very interesting, thanks to the contribution of our old and new friends who joined us yesterday.

"Food for thought phase"

"Food for the body - phase" At the farm

Meeting the farmers

WTM WRTD, with support from the UNWTO wants the industry to work together to:

■ help drive change by educating more responsible behaviour with the travel and tourism industry and travelling public

■ explore the issues of how countries and destinations are made more sustainable including case studies of best practices

■ educate the marketplace and debate key environmental related issues to push the agenda and be a catalyst for change

■ harness the influence of World Travel Market as an international business forum to encourage the industry to drive the responsible tourism agenda forward.


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