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Launched at "Salone del Gusto 2010" held last October in Turin, finally the new and "revolutionary" guidebook "Slow Wine 2011" by Slow Food is now available in Italy.

Every region is organizing an event to introduce this very new guidebook in these days.
We had the opportunity to take part to the presentation for Umbria, held last Saturday at "Il Palazzo del Gusto - Regional Wine Centre" in Orvieto.

The event - successfully organized in collaboration with Slow Food Convivium of Orvieto and our friends from FISAR (Italian Federation of Sommeliers)- hosted 37 Umbrian wineries, among the 43 reviewed in the book.

Another book on Italian wines? No. A guidebook on wineries.

In contrast to other Italian wine bibles  this tome talks about wineries, about the people who are beyond a wine as the title clearly says: "Slow Wine - Storie di vita, vigne, vini in Italia" (=Slow Wine, stories on lives, vineyards, wines in Italy).

"Slow Wine 2011" infact evaluates wineries based on ethical practices in vineyard cultivation and vinification styles. And unlike other ratings books, Slow Wine 2011 avoids a points-based rating for a more qualitative appraisal.

Each winery is introduced by a paragraph about the owners and the winemakers and their "philosophy" on their wine production.

The evaluation system for the winery is based on the following symbols:

"La Chiocciola" (The Snail) -the guide's highest accolade - is given to the wineries that have interpreted in the best way the Slow Food Values regarding i.e. the saveguard of the environment or the importance given to the local grapes.

"La Bottiglia" (The Bottle) is given to the companies that have expressed in all their production a good quality.

"La Moneta" (The Coin, Euro symbol) means that all the prodution of a winery has a very good price/quality ratio.

On the other end the wines are evaluated as follows:

"Vino Slow": very high quality bottles that are also able to "put in the glass" other values, such as the importance of the history and the environment of the territory where that bottle is produced.

"Grande Vino" the best bottles (organoleptic evaluation)

"Vino Quotidiano" (every day wine), bottles whose cost is not higher than 10 EUR, with a very good price/quality ratio.

the evaluation symbols

Yes...the guidebook is now available in only in Italian, even if - during the conference in Orvieto - we were told that Slow Food is planning an English version for the American market who seems to be very interested in a wine book also able "to tell stories".

"Slow Wine 2011 - Storie di vita, vigne, vini in Italia" Edited by Slow Food Editore, Oct. 2010. Price EUR 24,00

Pics from the conference in Orvieto

The video (in Italian) by Orvieto News:




We are happy to inform you that our NEW WEBSITE is now on-line!

On you can find a series of new food&wine excursions, Italian language&food culture courses, customized tourist services all of which is designed to lead you through a wonderful discovery of thousands of years of culture and traditions across our magical home-land of Umbria!

Discovering Umbria is....

...Responsible Tourism

To offer travellers an authentic experience and to support local enonomy, we have involved in our project small local family-run farms, wineries, oil mills and food producers, as well as for the accommodation (hotels, farm-houses, agriturismo, b&b and apartments in the historical centre of Medieval towns) managed by local people.

...Typical products discovering tours&home cooking workshops
All our travel proposals are focused on the discovery of local products, such as the extra-virgin olive oil production, the secrets of the vine cultivation and wine production, the ancient recipes and food traditions. Our cooking workshops are held by local cooks and focus on Umbrian cuisine, based on legumes and game.

...Slow Food Guidelines
All our partners, wine makers and food producers follow Slow Food Guidelines of "good, clean and fair food", offering visitors high quality organic and biodynamic products at a fair price, given to the direct relationship between the producer and the customer.

...Todi, "la bella"

Our office and our accommodation are located in the beautiful Todi, Medieval town surrounded by gentle rolling hills. The city of Todi is situated the heart of Umbria and it is one of the best locations to visit the region.
Our wine, oil&food tours take place in the most famous areas of production in order to give the traveller a complete experience of our top level food products.

...Private and customized tours/services
Every tour is a private tour. We are specialized in individual and small groups of travellers

We are always at your complete disposal to carefully "tailor" each travel on your needs, desires and budget.




Our WTM Responsible Tourism Day 10/11/ 2010

Yesterday 10th November 2010 many people celebrated WTM Responsible Tourism Day all over the World.

Being engaged in Responsible Tourism, this year we got officially involved with WTM World Responsible Tourism Day.

To mark the day we organized a very informal meeting at our office in Todi, followed by a “responsible merenda” at a family-run farm to share with friends and people involved in the business also “food for thought” around : “Developing Responsible Tourism in Umbria. Is it so easy??”.

The discussion on the way we travel, on the impact we have on cultures and environment when we travel and the ideas we shared on Responsible Tourism were really very interesting, thanks to the contribution of our old and new friends who joined us yesterday.

"Food for thought phase"

"Food for the body - phase" At the farm

Meeting the farmers

WTM WRTD, with support from the UNWTO wants the industry to work together to:

■ help drive change by educating more responsible behaviour with the travel and tourism industry and travelling public

■ explore the issues of how countries and destinations are made more sustainable including case studies of best practices

■ educate the marketplace and debate key environmental related issues to push the agenda and be a catalyst for change

■ harness the influence of World Travel Market as an international business forum to encourage the industry to drive the responsible tourism agenda forward.



Ode to the fireplace

I don't know if any Romantic poet has ever written an ode to the fireplace.

Here in Umbria the fireplace, il camino, is not simply an additional ornamental part of a kitchen, here the fireplace is.... a religion!

When Autumn and its first cold days arrive, Umbrian people re-open their caminetti and use them not only to warm their houses up, but mainly to cook.

If you are travelling in Umbria in these days, you will smell the typical aromas of burning wood and, above all, of delicious sausages and pork chops!

my little but absolutely necessary fireplace

One of the first rites that follow the re-opening of a camino is the bruschetta with the new extra-virgin olive oil just pressed...a priceless pleasure for every Umbrian. first original bruschetta with the new oil...


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