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From the 30th October to the 1st November 2010 the city of Cascia in Valnerina is hosting the 10th edition of "CASCIA SAFFRON FESTIVAL".

Cascia Saffron named "Pure Umbrian Saffron" is listed as one of the traditional agricultural and food products of Umbria and probably one of the most prestigeous and rare.

SAFFRON is a totally natural product derived exclusively from the dried stigmas of the purple flower of saffron ("Crocus sativus L."), a small plant not more than 12-15centimetres tall belonging to the "Iridaceae" family.

The corms of the saffron plants are pulled up up buy hand every year at the end of July and - after a careful selection - replanted at the beginning of August.

The flower are picked by hands between October and November in the early morning when the flowers are still closed. On the same day the stigmas are separated from the flowers and carefully dried at 40°-42° C.

The value of this special spice is also due to the care given in the process of separation of the sigmas from the flower.

This year "CASCIA SAFFRON FESTIVAL" will host not only saffron producers but also food and wine producers from Umbria for a very rich weekend of events, meetings and, above all, guided visits to the saffron fields (leaving on Saturday 31st and on Sunday 1st November at 9.30 from Piazzale Dante in Cascia).

For Italian speakers: don't miss the conference on the book “Le piante e il sacro. La percezione della natura nel mondo rurale della Valnerina” by Mario Polia and Servizio turistico della Valnerina on the 31st at 10.30.

Detailed programme in pdf (only in Italian) on :


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