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6/02/2010 : a great resource for responsible travellers

The economical global crises, the problems of the environment and CO2 emissions, told us that the model of mass-market tourism is failing.
More and more tourists all over the world are now interested in another complete different way of travelling: travelling responsible.

On the other end, small local travel companies run in general by young people are more and more aware - since the developing and the success of the social networks - that something has been changing.

Now, travellers consider the web and social networks very important reasources to get tips to organize their holidays. Tourists are more interested in "experiencing" than in simply "visiting" a destination: they want more in a travel than only amazing places to stay and to rest for a while, travellers now want to learn, share points of view, get in contact with local people and to know even the impact on the planet that their travels have, now they want to “travel responsible”.

Among the various groups, companies and networks on the web that are starting promoting this kind of travelling, - based in London and managed by an international group of young dynamic and very well prepared people - it is definitely one of the best resource that the web can offer to the "new" traveller.

The aim of is to give life and voice to this growing community of travellers who believe in a healthy and more real and responsible tourism, to share ideas and suggestions, but also “destinations, news, images, videos, stories, folklore, perplexities, recipes, maps, coordinates as long as all concerns unforgettable experiences of sustainable and responsible travelling”. is a very important source for those who want to start travelling in this different way. In this great social network travellers can share their experiences and get to know about this new community of travellers, tour guides, local travel companies who strongly believe that tourism can provide the best opportunity for getting to know.


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