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Cantine Aperte is the most important event of the year, involving wine as the main protagonist together with the people who produce it and the territory where it is made. For the past 17 years during the last Sunday of May, the members of the association have opened their doors to the vast public establishing in this way an immediate and direct contact with all wine tourists and lovers.

Also this year, many Umbrian Wine Estates will take part to this national Event.

Among the many wineries that take part to the event, this year we are happy to promote SAIO WINERY owned by the Mencarelli family, a young winery very close to Assisi.

The Mencarelli winery is located at the foot of the basilica of San Francesco, in Assisi. With an extension of almost 50 acres consisting of grapevines and olive groves. The product SAIO, the company name, is a perfect union between history-culture of the territory paying particular attention to the quality of the products offered. In the making of wine, these values become real using precision and perfection to produce 10.500 pounds an acre of product to produce a combination of harmony, taste and warm colors. At the present the Mencarelli winery produces four types of wine (Grechetto, Sangiovese, Sangiovese-Merlot, and Legenda Maior (Merlot-Cabernet), a red wine matured in oak casks) and an extra vergine olive oil. The winery has available also a cozy and hospitable wine shop with a large parking lot where it is possible to taste and purchase our SAIO products after taking a pleasant walk between the vinyards enjoying the site of a seraphic city, Assisi.

SAIO WINERY this year proposes a wine tasting itinery among the vineyards.
A vinyard with a FANTASTIC view on ASSISI and SANTA MARIA DEGLI ANGELI Church!

Tours start from 10.00 am to 18.00 am.
The wine shop will be opened until late evening.

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The city of Todi is situated in the heart of Umbria, it is definitely one of the best location to visit the Wine Estates which are all over the Region.


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1 FREE oil&wine tour in Umbria to celebrate RESPONSIBLE TOURISM WEEK

To celebrate RESPONSIBLE TOURISM WEEK 17-21 MAY 2010, following some of the RT Week Tips, to be nice, creative and generous, to have fun with local people – ALL 100%UMBRIAN, Discovering Umbria is happy to offer a FREE 1 day oil&wine tour in Umbria (one of the tour that won Italian Responsible Tourism Award 2010) to a couple of lucky travelers who will provide us an example of good responsible tourism, experienced in every destination in the World.

Among all the travelers that will write us a short story about their experience of Responsible Tourism, we will draw 1 winner !

You can send your experience by a private message to us through Facebook from the 17th to the 21st May 2010 (deadline h. 24.00 Roma time).

The “competition” is open to travelers from other regions of Italy and from abroad.
The winner will have a year (until MAY 2011) to book his/her FREE 1 day oil&wine tour in Umbria (for 2 people).

Are you still waiting?? Write us your experience!!


“This is the week where you get to shout out to the world the good things you see around you. Create a local event. Support a local event. Lead the way or follow the topics for which you have interest and passion. Talk food, talk volunteering, talk slowtravel/localtravel, talk whatever is on your mind, drop the penny!”


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5 reasons to choose Discovering Umbria!

More and more travellers are discovering the beauties of Umbria, beautiful land, famed destination of the Grand Tours travellers and Land of the Saints, very rich in culture, folklore and ancient gastronomic traditions.

Umbria is definitely a very special destination for tourists who want to have more in a travel than only an amazing place to stay for a while.

Our philosophy, how we work.

1) Responsible Tourism
To offer travellers an authentic experience, we have involved in our project only small local family-run farms, wineries, oil mills and food producers, as well as for the accommodation (boutique hotels, farm-houses, agriturismo, b&b and apartments in the historical centre of Medieval towns) managed by local people.

2)Typical products discovering tours&home cooking workshops
All our travel proposals are focused on the discovery of local products, such as the extra-virgin olive oil production, the secrets of the vine cultivation and wine production, the ancient recipes and food traditions. Our cooking workshops are held by local cooks and focus on Umbrian cuisine, based on legumes and game.

3) Slow Food Guidelines
All our partners, wine makers and food producers follow Slow Food Guidelines of "good, clean and fair food", offering visitors high quality D.O.P.,organic and biodynamic products at a fair price, given to the direct relationship between the producer and the customer.

4) Todi, "la bella"Our office and our accommodation are located in the beautiful Todi, Medieval town surrounded by gentle rolling hills. The city of Todi is situated the heart of Umbria and it is one of the best locations to visit the region.
Our wine, oil&food tours take place in the most famous areas of production in order to give the traveller a complete experience of our top level food products.

5) Boutique, private and customized tours/services
Every tour is a boutique and private tour. We are specialized in individual and small groups of travellers in order to provide always a very high level in every service.
We are also at your complete disposal to carefully "tailor" each travel on your needs, desires and budget.

...and last but not the least: Discovering Umbria is OFFICIALLY LICENSED by REGION OF UMBRIA! BEWARE OF IMITATIONS


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Winner of "Italian Responsible Tourism Award 2010 - Wine Tours"
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