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Todi Fiorita - Blooming Todi 21-23 MAY 2010

From the 21st to the 23rd May, the beautiful historical centre of Todi is hosting the second edition of “Todi Fiorita 2010”, national exhibition of Flower Gardening organized by the Association “Verde Todi”, in collaboration with the local City Hall.

The historical places of this amazing Umbrian Medieval town will be the locations of blooming gardens, scents and essences which will follow the visitors along the different itineries.

The locations are: Piazza del Popolo - Sala del Capitano, Palazzi Comunali steps , Cloister of the Monastery of Lucrezie, Caffè del Teatro, Giardini Oberdan, San Fortunato Church steps , gardens of other historical buildings.

In addition - for this special event - many private “Palazzi” will open their doors to the visitors. The halls and gardens of these magnificient places will be adorned by professional gardeners from Todi:

Palazzo Pensi (Piazza Garibaldi)
Palazzo Rolli (Via Paolo Rolli)
Palazzo Landi-Corradi (Via del Seminario)
Palazzo Valenti-Fredi (Via Ciuffelli)
Palazzo Pongelli (Via Cesia)

Do not miss this occasion to visit our beautiful city!

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