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Do as the Umbrians do! Travel local in the Green Heart of Italy

Do as the Umbrians do! Travel local in the Green Heart of Italy.

Situated in the heart of Italy, Umbria is one of the smallest regions in our Country. For 70% of the territory it is covered by the gentle rolling hills for which it is known. But it also offers a great variety of geo-morphologic characteristics within the gentle landscape, consisting of fertile valleys, mountain chains, plateaus and plains that cross the region from the west to east, giving it a unique and recognizable character.The gentleness of the landscape, the still uncontaminated nature and its central geographic position have earned Umbria the name of the “Green Heart of Italy”.

But Umbria is not only amazing landscapes. Thanks to its ancient history dating back before the foundation of Rome, Umbria is very rich both in culture and food and wine traditions.

Even if this beautiful region is becoming more and more popular as destination, Umbria and its treasures are still unknown to most of the travellers.

Being Umbrian and aware of the richness of our region, in 2005 we start thinking to a different way of promoting this destination, as a destination for people who want to have more in a travel than only an amazing place to stay for a while.

For this reason, to offer travellers an authentic experience, we have involved in our project only small local family-run farms, wineries, oil mills and food producers, as well as for the accommodations (farm-houses, agriturismo, b&b and apartments in the historical centre of Medieval towns) managed by local people.

All our travel proposals are focused on the discovery of local products, such as the extra-virgin olive oil production, the secrets of the vine cultivation and wine production, the ancient recipes and food traditions.

Now thanks to the local travel movement (see : we know that our project and the guidelines that have been inspired us, can be shared with a growing community of travellers who want to come back home with a photo album full, not only of magnificent monuments and amazing landscapes, but full of the faces of the wine makers, the oil producers, the cooks who prepared them a fantastic lunch, the old farmers and all the passionate Umbrian people they had the chance to meet.

Do as the Umbrians do, travel with Discovering Umbria!

In February 2010, Discovering Umbria won "Italian Responsible Tourism Award" for the category " NATURE AND TERRITORY - WINE TOURS IN UMBRIA". The prize - promoted by L’Agenzia di Viaggi, the leading professional publication for tourism in Italy for the last 40 years and under the patronage of ENIT, UFTAA and FIAVET - it is based on quality criteria established by UNWTO (The United nations World Tourism Organisation).

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