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"Adopt a vineyard" The thrill of producing your own wine

Do you want to become the producer of Umbrian wine? Now with the project“Adopt a vineyard” of “Il Palazzo del Gusto, this is possible for everyone.

It is an original way to understand more about wine, the history and culture of a unique agricultural produce, the difficulties of producing it, the growing and winemaking techniques used to reach the high results that at present make great the Umbrian wine in the world.

This project makes you “the owner” of a portion of a vineyard in Umbria.
When you like, you will be able to visit your row of vine to verify its characteristics and to appreciate the positive stages of its growth and fructification.

We are offering you the chance to “adopt” a portion of a vineyard in ItalyYou will be able to follow the birth of a great wine from the vineyard to the cellar and you will be able to take part in the most important moments of the entire wine-season: pruning, from January to March; training of new shoots on the trellis, in March and April; harvesting, in September and October
When the wine is finally ready, after all the care, passion and hard work involved, you will collect your reserved bottles, upon presentation of your “Certificate of Adoption”
The bottles of wines, labelled with the logo of the wine estate, can be personalized with your name and your logo. In addition to drinking your wine for your own pleasure, you will be able to present it to your customers, your teammates, friends and relatives.
It's an innovative way of providing an opportunity to fully live the experience of wine!
Your wine from your vineyard to your table
You will follow the growth of your grapes, visiting our farm whenever you want.You will see your wine maturing from the vineyard to the cellar.You will pick up your wine with the label you have chosen. You can pick up your wine directly at the cellar or receive it at home. The project “Adopt a vineyard" proposes to:
Favour a profound relationship and collaboration between producer and the customer
Propose an innovative and unusual way of getting to know the land and the vineyard
Guaranty the traceability of the product
Promote a direct relationship between producer and customer, guaranteeing a better understanding of the intrinsic quality of the product and the producer
Guarantee the customer with the possibility of visiting the vineyard and observing the production system

The costs for the “adoption of a vineyard” refer to the prices of bottles collected directly from the cellar, with the label of the wine estate as well as the personalized certificate for the row you have leased.
The adopting party can request personalization of the labels, also furnishing the relative indications, with an additional cost for printing.
If the wine is shipped, the costs are charged to the buyer.

After you have visited the wine estate, tasted its wines and chosen among the available vineyards, you only have to fill the Adhesion Form and sign the Contract of purchase/sale to receive your personal Certificate of Adoption with indications on how to visit the wine estate and take part in the most important moments of the production of your wines.

For information contact us: or Il Palazzo del Gusto :

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